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Ebony is a dark-colored wood that comes from various species, or types, of trees. Trees that produce ebony usually grow in tropical regions.

Ebony Trees. You will also find a lot of wonderful information on ebony trees, including information about the ebony tree species, planting information, and much more.

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Ebony Tree Facts. Americans likely do Ebony trees need a fertile soil that retains moisture well. They are intolerant of frost, shade, drought or salt spray near

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Ebony is a dense black hardwood, most commonly yielded by several different species in the genus Diospyros, which also contains the persimmons.

List of Trees; Leaf Collecting&Safety; How Trees Grow; Texas Eco is named for the ebony tree that serves as an anchor for the last hand-pulled ferry across the

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Ebony Tree Pictures category contains pictures of Ebony Trees and facts on the Ebony Tree, we have many beautiful Ebony Tree pictures

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Ebony: The African Persimmon . Ebony wood is world renowned for its dense fine-grain quality and But what is less well-known is that ebony trees also bear

The Texas Ebony is an outstanding tree that easily fits into any landscape. These sun loving, drought tolerant trees produce strong canopies during growth, making

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