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PANTY The history of panties starts with the story of bloomers. The original purpose was modesty – covering up as much of the female form as possible.

Panties in American English History. The earliest known use of underwear that resembles modern panties dates back to 4,400 B.C. during the Badari period in Egypt.

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North Americans call undergarments underwear, underpants, undies, jockey shorts, shorts, long johns or panties History Prehistory

Revealing underwear facts, including statistics, history, men and women underwear, controversy, and more.

LingerieDiva.com gives a briefs history of panties here. Find interesting information about panties.

Women menstruated into their chemise for much of European history. Underpants & panties such pants-like underwear to gain wide acceptance among

A BRIEF HISTORY OF LADIES UNDERWEAR. By Tim Lambert. Early Women’s Underwear. After the fall of Rome women did not usually wear panties until the 19th century.

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A BRIEF HISTORY OF PANTIES. By Tim Lambert. Early Panties. Roman women sometimes wore panties called subligaculum. However after the fall of Rome women did not

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Undergarments history featuring pants, drawers, briefs and knickers fashion. Changes in ladies undergarments to 2010.

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