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Office supplies and IT services firm Commercial Group has today (15 May) announced the launch of the first London-based fleet of hydrogen hybrid delivery vans.

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Hydrogen is a chemical element of regular hydrogen, was discovered by Urey’s group in copper-chlorine cycle and hybrid sulfur cycle are under

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Audi and Volkswagen, both members of the Volkswagen Group, unveiled three hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle demonstrators at the Los Angeles Auto Show: the sporty Audi A7

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Welcome to the official website of the hydrogen group at the Royal Hydrogen Storage of Pd-Cu couple used in hydrogen purification – PEM fuel cell hybrid

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Hydrogen Hybrid, Corp. Selects Icon Media Group to Manage 2009 Marketing Campaign Icon Media Group to Market the Hydrogen Hybrid Fuel Cell Systems

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Commercial Group’s first London-based hydrogen hybrid van is fuelled at Air Products’ fuelling station as part of the London Hydrogen Network Expansion (LHNE

Oct 15, 2014 · Fuel cell powetrain are not the only way to use hydrogen to power a vehicle. A hybrid hydrogen powertrain could also work. The Green Planet Group, Inc

Commercial Group has taken delivery of its first hydrogen hybrid van as it examines the technology’s potential to cut costs and carbon emissions for itself and

In chemistry, a hydride is the anion of hydrogen, H −, or, more commonly, it is a compound in which one or more hydrogen centres have nucleophilic, reducing, or

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US Hybrid Corporation specializes in the design and manufacture of power conversion systems for medium and heavy-duty electric, hybrid, and fuel cell commercial buses

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