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Nov 17, 2009 · AOTS Declares War on Suck: iJustine – The Internet is srs bzns. That’s why Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn officially declare a War on Suck against iJustine

For something like a year now, fans of the critically acclaimed and highly innovative Gears of War game franchise have been teased with the tantalising possibility of

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Mar 07, 2007 · A new handbook compiled by an Iraq war veteran translates terms like “fobbit,” “FUBIJAR” and “Marineland” for those of us who don’t serve in the armed

Are Marvel being hasty with Captain America: Civil War? Here’s why the film looks set to be a major disappointment

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Defines any situation in and around a war time conflict where conditions are undesirable. Ha Ha! He is the suck! 3)This jalapeno milkshake is the suck!

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Mar 02, 2013 · “I haven’t played a God of War game since God of War II on the PlayStation 2 – aside from a couple of second-rate PSP games – but I jumped straight into

Sep 24, 2013 · Here I have a rant about what’s wrong with War Thunder right now (in my OPINION) What do YOU think? Checkout Oryg1n’s youtube https://www.youtube.com

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